I’ve Got This!

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“I’ve Got This!” Friend, Sept. 2013, 44–45

“I’ve Got This!”

We love each other more and more with ev’ry fam’ly night (Children’s Songbook, 195).

The lesson wasn’t prepared, but Thomas knew what to do.

I’ve Got This!

Illustrations by Elise Black

The front door closed behind Thomas with a swoosh and a click as he hurried to check the family calendar.

“I was right!” he called loudly. “It is my turn to teach the lesson in family home evening.”

Mom’s eyes widened. “Honey, I’m so sorry we didn’t plan your lesson last night! I thought it was my turn to teach.”

Thomas shook his head. “Don’t worry, Mom. I know what to do.” Normally she helped him prepare the day before. But he was 10 years old now. He could plan a lesson by himself.

Mom smiled and raised an eyebrow. “You’re sure? You don’t need any help?”

“Yup, I’ve got this.”

Later that night Thomas pulled out his copy of the Friend. He opened it to an article he’d read called “The Ten Commandments Teach Me to Love God and His Children” (Sept. 2012). As Thomas read it out loud to his family, he noticed Mom looking very proud of him.

After the lesson it was time for the activity on the next page. Thomas had already cut out the labels that read, “Honoring God,” “Respecting Parents and Family,” and “Respecting Others.”

As part of the activity, they took turns sharing examples of how they’d kept commandments the past week.

“I said my prayers last night,” said his big sister Ella.

“What group do we think that falls in?” asked Thomas. After discussing, they picked “Honoring God.”

After the lesson Ella served some tasty cookies she’d baked. Then they delivered some of the extras to friends.

Thomas felt so happy he could help out. That was one of his favorite family home evenings ever!