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“Question Corner,” Friend, Sept. 2013, 10

Question Corner

My big sister used to be my best friend. But now she’s too busy with her school friends, and she doesn’t want to play with me anymore. How can we be friends again?

Question Corner

Our advice is to sit down and talk to your sister. Let her know you’re feeling left out, and maybe you could set a day once a week where you do something together, and that’s your special time.

Cody, Jaden, Patrick, and Jason B., ages 9, 9, 8, and 8, Ireland

Don’t turn down opportunities to talk or be with her. Folding the laundry, washing the dishes, or setting the table would all be good ways to communicate or spend time together. Have fun!

Jacey W., age 9, Oregon, USA

You can tell your sister how much you miss playing with her, and ask her nicely to play with you.

Gabi G., age 6, Indiana, USA

My sister is a busy teenager, and we used to have so much fun. I find if I keep asking her nicely, she will find time for me.

Benjamin N., age 9, Colorado, USA

You can kneel down and pray and ask Heavenly Father if He would help you and your sister be friends again.

Milika L., age 9, Hawaii, USA

First, I would find her when she’s not busy and ask her if she wants to play right then. Second, I would let her have time with her friends and homework. Last, I would write nice notes to her. I am an older sister. Those are some things my sister did.

Anna-Claire K., age 12, Utah, USA

One way you could try to be friends again with your big sister is by loving her even more. You can show that love by praying for her and serving her often.

Ralayna A., age 8, Utah, USA

If she was my big sister, I’d talk to my sister about it with my mom.

Layla D., age 8, Alberta, Canada