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“Show and Tell,” Friend, Sept. 2013, 40–41

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

When my baptism and confirmation was only a day or two away, I had a fever and was not feeling very well. I did not want to postpone my baptism. I felt I should go ahead on the appointed day. Many relatives and friends, some of whom are not members of the Church, came to my baptism. When I was baptized, my fever went down right away, and I felt a lot better. That day I felt the Holy Ghost very strongly. I am grateful that I could be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.

Sara M., age 8, Spain

One winter my mom was sick for four months. One night when my mom was in bed, I prayed that just this one time she would sleep well. The next day she felt really happy because she had slept well that night! Since then she has been feeling better. I’m glad I prayed for my mom.

Sophia L., age 9, Alaska, USA

During family home evening, I like to give a scriptural thought and say a prayer. I like my Primary friends, and I like raising and caring for pigeons. I would like to go to the Nauvoo Illinois Temple someday, and I want to be a missionary too. I love my family so much! I know the Church is true, and I love the Book of Mormon.

Prince M., age 9, Philippines

I love going to the library to check out books. I especially like to check out books about my favorite superheroes. One time I brought a book home that I was really excited to read, but when I opened it, one of the drawings was a girl who wasn’t dressed very modestly. I brought the book to my mom, and she asked what I thought we should do about it. I said I thought we should take it back to the library and not look at it. I felt happy inside after I made the right choice.

Caleb O., age 4, Utah, USA

Michelle D., age 11, Utah, USA

James C., age 5, Peru

Carter M., age 10, Iowa, USA

Gabriel E., age 3, Florida, USA, loves to say family prayer, learn about the temple, and read the scriptures with his mom before bed. His favorite things are riding his bike, playing superheroes, reading, and singing. Gabriel’s favorite songs are “Nephi’s Courage” and “Praise to the Man.”

The Primary of the Prospect Ward, Adelaide Australia Firle Stake wanted to work on bringing their scriptures to church. They decided to put a “fuzzy” in a jar every time they did, because the scriptures give us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. At the end of the year, they joined the fuzzies together. Their fuzzy “snake” was 6½ meters (21 feet) long! All the children enjoyed this activity, and some days every one of them had their scriptures with them at Primary.