Faithful Examples
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“Faithful Examples,” Friend, Sept. 2013, 20

Faithful Examples

Jean A. Stevens

Photograph © Busath Photography

And a little child shall lead them (2 Nephi 21:6).

Faithful Examples

Illustration by Maren J. Scott

As a member of the Primary general presidency, I love meeting children all over the world. Everywhere I go, I meet wonderful children who are following Jesus Christ and faithfully living the gospel. Often they are leading their families and others in keeping the commandments.

Once a General Authority visited a ward in Hong Kong where people were struggling to support their families. He told the bishop that the members should pay their tithing.

The bishop was worried. The people barely had enough food and money to meet their needs.

“If they will pay their tithing, the Lord will bless them,” the General Authority said.

The bishop thought for a moment. Then he said, “I will talk to some of the most faithful members of our ward—the Primary children!”

The next Sunday, the bishop visited the Primary. He taught the children about the law of tithing. He asked them to pay tithing on the money they earned. The children promised they would—and they did!

Several months later, the bishop had a meeting with the grown-ups in the ward. He told them that their children had been paying tithing.

“Would you be willing to pay tithing too?” he asked.

The grown-ups were touched by the children’s faithful examples. They said that they would pay their tithing too. Because the children set an example, their families received the blessings they needed (see Malachi 3:8–10). Everyone’s faith and testimonies grew.

Wherever you live, you can lead others with your good example. Keep the commandments and follow Jesus Christ. Then you will be a blessing to your family and others.

We pray for you. And we know that, just like the children in Hong Kong, your example can make a difference for good!