K.C.’s Lost CTR Ring
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“K.C.’s Lost CTR Ring,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 36–37

K.C.’s Lost CTR Ring

K.C.’s Lost CTR Ring

Illustrations by Bryan Beach

K.C. played with his CTR ring during Primary. He tossed it from hand to hand.

Whoops! It slipped from his hands and fell to the ground. He couldn’t see where it fell. Then it was time to go to class.

After Primary was over, Sister Ballard saw a CTR ring on the floor. I wonder if K.C. left this behind, she thought.

She slipped it in her pocket to give to him later.

A few days later, K.C. realized he had lost his CTR ring. He looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find it.

K.C. knelt down. “Heavenly Father, please help me find my ring,” he prayed.

That same day, Sister Ballard was making dinner.

“Take K.C.’s CTR ring to him,” she felt the Spirit say.

I can’t go now, Sister Ballard thought. I’m too busy!

K.C. kept searching and praying. “Please, Heavenly Father,” he said. “Please help me find it.”

“Get K.C.’s CTR ring and take it to him,” Sister Ballard heard the Spirit say again.

She set down the carrots and went to get the ring.

K.C. came downstairs and told his mom what had happened.

“I’ve prayed and prayed, but I still can’t find it,” he said.

Just then, there was a knock at the door …

It was Sister Ballard!

“I felt like you needed this,” she said, handing K.C. his CTR ring.

K.C. smiled as he happily put his ring back on. His prayer had been answered!