Family Scripture Fun

“Family Scripture Fun,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 24

Family Scripture Fun

Family Scripture Fun

Photograph © 1998 Steve Bunderson

In the Book of Mormon, Nephi says to “feast upon the words of Christ” (2 Nephi 32:3). One way you can “feast” is by reading the scriptures with your family every day. When you use the scriptures in your life, you are “feasting” upon the lessons the prophets teach. Here are some ideas to help your family learn from what you read:

  • Draw It: Get crayons or markers and paper. Read together as a family. Draw scenes, pictures, or people from what you read. Have family members guess which scripture story everyone drew!

  • Mark It: Design a special container for your marking pencils. Wrap an empty can or jar in colored paper. Have each member of the family help decorate it. Write your favorite scriptures or draw anything else you want on the paper. Fill the jar with marking pencils and get it out whenever you read together.

  • Build It: Make cities and scenes from the scriptures out of building blocks, toothpicks, sugar cubes, or any other tools you can find. You could try building the city of Jericho, the tower of Babel, or even a ship like Nephi’s.

  • Celebrate It: When you’ve finished reading a whole book of scripture, have a party! Make fun foods, talk about your favorite stories, and make plans for what you’ll read next.

  • Act It: Role-play different stories from the scriptures. Make costumes using sheets, towels, and other items you have around the house. Read right from the scriptures, write a play, or sing Primary songs, and become your favorite scripture heroes.