Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 48

Guide to the Friend

Possible Ideas for Family Home Evening

Guide to the Friend
  1. Together, read “Quest for Testimony” (pages 2–3). Fill a small cup with soil and plant a seed. Work together to care for the plant and watch it grow. It can be a reminder to nurture your testimony each day.

  2. Read “A Light in the Dark” (pages 4–6). As a family, discuss what you can do to help the missionaries in your area. Write letters or draw pictures to send to a missionary you know from your family, ward, or neighborhood.

  3. Use the Bringing Primary Home lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme (pages 42–43).

  4. Study the scriptures together. Use the ideas from “Family Scripture Fun” (page 24) to help your family learn from what you read.

  5. Read Elder Holland’s message on page 27. Take turns sharing what you are grateful for. Use the activity, “A Box of Blessings” (page 46), to make gratitude journal boxes.