Jesus Heals a Sick Man
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“Jesus Heals a Sick Man,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 30–32

For Little Friends

Jesus Heals a Sick Man

Jesus Heals a Sick Man

Illustrations by Jared Beckstrand

One day Jesus was teaching people inside a house.

Outside the house was a man who could not walk. His friends had carried him to the house so Jesus could heal him. But the house was so crowded that his friends couldn’t carry him inside.

The man’s friends carried him onto the top of the house. Then they made a hole in the roof. They lowered the man and his bed into the house so Jesus could see him.

Jesus saw how much faith the man and his friends had. He told the man to stand up and walk. The man stood up. He could walk again! Picking up his bed, he went happily home.

That day Jesus Christ showed His great power by healing the man. He wanted people to know He had power to do many wonderful things.