Hi! I’m Will from Taiwan

“Hi! I’m Will from Taiwan,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 18–19

Hi! I’m Will from Taiwan

From an interview with Amie Jane Leavitt

Will from Taiwan

Photographs courtesy of Will’s family, except as noted; dragon and mooncake © iStockphoto; soccer ball by John Luke; dinosaur by Photospin; Taipei Taiwan Temple by William Floyd Holdman

What are your favorite family activities? Will C. and his brother, Allen, enjoy spending Saturdays with their family exploring new places on the island of Taiwan, where they live.

Before we go to bed, we read the scriptures as a family. My brother, Allen, really likes the story of Moses and the brass serpent. My favorite story is about when the Lord warns Lehi to leave Jerusalem and tells Nephi to build a ship to go to the promised land.

Taiwan has many fun holidays and festivals. In September we celebrate the Moon Festival. Our whole family gets together, and we eat yummy pastries called moon cakes. You can find out how to make them on page 13.

In Taiwan we often get a chance to do missionary work. In school I had to teach my class something I knew about honesty. I taught them how to sing the Primary song “Stand for the Right.”

After school my brother and I walk home with our grandfather. We do our homework and eat dinner with my mom and dad. My favorite food is beef noodles, and Allen’s is fried rice. We both like sweet food too.