I Find the Savior

    “I Find the Savior,” Friend, Aug. 2013, 9

    I Find the Savior

    I Find the Savior

    Illustration by Doug Fakkel

    I find the Savior when I pray

    In quiet moments every day,

    In scripture stories that I read,

    In all the sacred hymns I sing.

    In words of prophets, parents, teachers—

    I find the Savior through my leaders,

    Who teach me how to find the Lord

    Through obedience to His word.

    I find the Savior as I’m kind

    And as I choose to spend my time

    Helping people with their troubles,

    Teaching, serving, loving others.

    I find the Savior when I choose

    To try my best in all I do

    And ask for help when I can’t see

    The victor that He sees in me.