Our Creative Friends
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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Mar. 2012, 38

Our Creative Friends

A Daughter of God

As a daughter of God

I can do many things.

I’m able to be

kind and true.

I have a body

made in His image;

with it there are many

things I can do.

I’m able to serve my

family and friends

in so many ways I

can’t count them.

I can make beds and

help Mom make dinner,

then pick her a flower

on its gentle stem.

I can jump

and I can run,

and laugh and

sing and play.

Thank you, dear Father,

for letting me be

Your creation,

I’m grateful today.

Marie B., age 11, Japan

God’s Creation

The grass is green, the leaves are too.

The sun shines brightly on me and you.

The flowers say hello as the breeze blows by.

I love to look at the blue, blue sky.

The dogs chase and the kittens play.

God has given us this beautiful day.

Morgan R., age 10, Colorado

Claire W., age 9, Alaska

Bridger B., age 9, Colorado

Corinne T., age 8, New York

Dyami M., age 10, Louisiana

Samuel J., age 7, Arizona

Alicia H., age 12, Utah

Jeneum K., age 8, New South Wales, Australia