Bulletin Board

“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Mar. 2012, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Conference Time

Are you ready for general conference in April? Here’s a project your family can work on as you listen to the prophet and apostles speak. The Weir family from Arkansas saves their Friend magazines throughout the year. As they watch conference in their home, they cut out their favorite pictures and stories from the magazines and use them to make posters for their rooms and quiet books to look at during sacrament meeting. If you watch conference at a church building, you can work on this project before or after a session.

Springtime Rhymes

In the Northern Hemisphere, March marks the beginning of spring. The poem below has a line for each letter in the word spring. Try writing your own spring poem using each letter in the word spring. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, write a poem using the letters in the word winter. You could also write a poem using your name or even your favorite food!


S is for seeds sprouting up through the ground.

P is for puddles to splash all around.

R is for rainbow, a beautiful show.

I is for insects that tickle my toe.

N is for nests with babies so small.

G is for God who created it all.

Journal Junction

Each month this year you can write a little bit of your own history in your journal. This month write about the first place you lived. Did you live in a big city or in the country? Were you in a house or an apartment? What was your room like? You can ask your parents if you don’t know, and you can write down other details they remember about your first home.

President Monson photograph by Matt Reier; scissors photograph © Getty Images; illustration by Dave Malan; illustrations by Mark Robison; globe © Getty Images; house and apartment photographs by David Stoker