A Book of Mormon Celebración
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“A Book of Mormon Celebración,” Friend, Mar. 2012, 24–25

A Book of Mormon Celebración

The Church History Museum near Temple Square has a special exhibit called “A Book of Mormon Celebración for Children.” Gaby L., Lissie A., and Nash K. visited the museum for a look at some of the fun and interesting things the exhibit has for children to see and do.

The exhibit is in both English and Spanish. Many of the members of the Church today speak Spanish! Gaby, age 6, speaks both languages at home.

Samuel the Lamanite stood on a wall to teach about Jesus Christ. Lissie, age 8, dresses doll figures to act out stories of Jesus’s life that Samuel taught about.

Nash, age 10, uses big padded blocks to build a structure representing the temple in the land Bountiful. That’s where Jesus Christ visited the Nephites.

The children had fun celebrating by dressing up and learning a dance from Mexico.

Gaby, age 6, turns pages of a model of the gold plates. Nearby is a Book of Mormon in Spanish.

Lissie plays a Book of Mormon game at a computer kiosk.

Photographs by Cody Bell