Conference Notes
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“Conference Notes,” Friend, Mar. 2012, 46


Conference Notes

Taking notes is one way to remember what the speakers teach us in general conference. In addition to writing your thoughts and feelings, you can also illustrate some of the stories and experiences you hear about. Here are some examples of notes from addresses at the October 2011 general conference.

Elder David A. Bednar encouraged young people to search out their ancestors and prepare to perform baptisms for them in the temple.

sketch of family

Illustrations by Elise Black

President Thomas S. Monson spoke about praying with faith and finding his $5 bill in the pocket of his wet jeans.

sketch of lunch and scriptures

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke about a man who influenced others for good by reading his scriptures at lunchtime, even though some made fun of him for doing so.

sketch of money in pocket

President Henry B. Eyring spoke about how one of his missionary companions found joy from reading a Book of Mormon he found at the bottom of a box.

sketch of box and book