Friends in the News

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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Mar. 2012, 20

Friends in the News

Zach C., 9, Washington, has two brothers. He looks forward to reading the Friend. He likes cooking with his family and attending Primary.

Downey Second Ward

The Primary children of the Downey Second Ward, Downey California Stake, learned about “Friends in the News” from all over the world. They learned about how much the Lord loves them, and that they are all children of God.

Andrew P., 5, Minnesota, likes to draw and make machines that do special things. He is a good big brother and likes playing, going to school, and making his family smile and laugh.

Austin and Ashley P., 4 and 2, Utah, enjoy living near Church historical sites. Austin likes learning Primary songs, reading the Friend with his mom, and playing with his little sister. Ashley enjoys nursery and likes to see the temple.

Lara M., 8, England, was baptized on her birthday by her bishop. Her mother and two older brothers were excited to see her baptized.

Katarina S., 4, California, likes to sing Primary songs in the car to practice on the way to church. She enjoys painting, and she likes learning new things in class.

Lake Cities First Ward

The Primary children of the Lake Cities First Ward, Denton Texas Stake, learned the song “The Church of Jesus Christ.” They talked about how the song helps them bear testimony of what they believe and how it ends with a promise to proclaim the gospel. The children have promised to help spread the gospel.