Our Creative Friends
January 2012

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Jan. 2012, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

Jesus Is My Savior

Jesus is my Savior, I really truly know.

Jesus is my Savior, I love Him, love Him so.

Jesus is my Savior, I can really truly tell.

Jesus is my Savior, “I know, I know!” I yell.

Jesus is my Savior, I know He’s God’s Son.

Jesus is my Savior, to the little children He says, “Come, come.”

Jesus is my Savior, I love Him, love Him so.

Jesus is my Savior, I really truly know.

Abby C., age 8, Oregon


CTR is the path that I will take.

CTR is the promise I’ll not break.

I’ll do what is right.

I’ll follow His great light.

CTR means to do what’s right.

Bryn B., age 10, Texas

The Friend

The Friend is my friend wherever I go.

The Friend is your friend in rain and in snow.

So let’s be a friend and let our light glow.

Emma B., age 10, Utah

Heavenly Father’s Creations

All the things you see today

Are the creations of the Lord.

It might take your breath away,

But He created the world.

He made all the planets

Up in outer space.

He made Adam and Eve,

Who began the human race.

He made the land and the ocean

That hold many creatures.

He made the sun, the rain, the clouds,

And every detail and feature.

He made the swampy marsh and bayou,

The low valleys and tall hills.

He made the flowers and grassy plants,

And the trusty grain from mills.

Everything that surrounds you

Has been built by Him, you know.

Why did He do this, you might ask?

Because He loves all souls.

Omar M., age 10, Texas

Kinzie D., age 11, Utah

Jordan H., age 8, Idaho

Evan A., age 9, California

Gwenyth A., age 7, Hawaii

Sara N., age 9, Ontario, Canada

Nastassja D., age 11, Florida

Natalie R., age 10, Utah

Luke R., age 7, Florida

Isaac C., age 5, Brazil

Ashley S., age 7, Nevada

Kellen L., age 11, Texas

Madison R., age 9, Utah

Spencer B., age 8, Utah

Madison Z., age 11, Nevada