I Can Be a Missionary Now!
January 2012

“I Can Be a Missionary Now!” Friend, Jan. 2012, 34–35

I Can Be a Missionary Now!

Anna is trying to follow the examples of the missionaries. Follow the instructions below so she can make choices that will help her be a missionary now.

You Will Need: A die or six pieces of paper numbered 1 through 6 in a small bag; one coin, dried bean, or other small object for each person.

How to Play: Each player picks a small object to use as a game piece. Taking turns, roll a die or draw a number out of the bag, and move your game piece the number of spaces you roll or draw. If you land on a space that tells something a missionary would do, move forward one extra space. Take turns until everyone has crossed the finish line, where the missionaries are waiting!

missionary game

Illustrations by Jake Parker