The Right Dress
January 2012

“The Right Dress,” Friend, Jan. 2012, 32–33

The Right Dress

Be thou an example of the believers (1 Timothy 4:12).

  1. Mom took Anna shopping for a new dress.

    How about this one?

    No, thank you.

  2. All right, do you like the yellow one with flowers or the red one with dots?

    But you like these colors. What would you like instead?

  3. This looks like the dresses the missionaries wear. I want to look like them.

    OK. Let’s see if we can find a dress in your size.

  4. Anna loved the two sister missionaries in her ward. They shook her hand at church, they smiled when she waved at them on the street, and they prayed with her family when they came to dinner.

  5. On Sunday, Anna could hardly wait to show the missionaries her new dress. When she saw them at church, she twirled around for them.

    I look just like you now!

  6. You do look just like us.

    And you don’t just look like a missionary; you are a missionary!

  7. Your mom told me you’ve been praying for us all week like we asked you to. And look! We brought someone to church today. Your prayers have been helping us.

    Thank you, missionary Anna.

Illustrations by Jake Parker