Preparing to Do Baptisms for the Dead
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“Preparing to Do Baptisms for the Dead,” Friend, Sept. 2011, 7

Preparing to Do Baptisms for the Dead

When you are 12 years old, you may have the opportunity to go to the temple to be baptized and confirmed for those who died without the opportunity to accept the gospel. Here are some ways you can prepare:

How to Prepare

  • Have faith in Jesus Christ. Be baptized and confirmed a member of His Church. Boys must hold the Aaronic Priesthood.

  • Keep the commandments and make good choices.

  • Repent when you do something wrong.

  • Have an interview with your bishop or branch president. If you are worthy, he will give you a temple recommend.

  • Help do family history work so you can take family names to the temple, if possible.

On the Day

  • Dress in your church clothes. Be clean and well groomed.

  • Read the scriptures or Church magazines, or listen to uplifting music.

  • Pray to feel the Holy Ghost when you are in the temple.

  • Don’t take books, electronics, or music on the way to the temple that will not help you feel reverent.

In the Temple

  • You will be given white clothing to change into. White is a symbol of being pure and clean.

  • At the baptismal font you may be able to watch others being baptized for the dead.

  • While you wait, you can pray and ponder. The temple is a special place where you can be close to Heavenly Father.

  • You will be confirmed for people who have already had their baptisms performed for them.

  • Think about those you were baptized and confirmed for and the blessings that will now be available to them because of your temple service.

Photo illustration of girl by Christina Smith, temple photograph by Matt Reier © 2005 IRI