Old Testament Who Am I?
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“Old Testament Who Am I?” Friend, Sept. 2011, 26

Old Testament Who Am I?

  1. God sent plagues to the stubborn Pharaoh,

    Who wouldn’t let my people go.

    The Israelites then followed me

    As God helped me part the Red Sea.

    Who am I?

  2. I filled the ark two by two

    As God commanded me to do.

    Rain fell down to flood the earth;

    A dove brought hope of a rebirth.

    Who am I?

  3. My brothers sold me as a slave,

    But soon all Egypt I would save.

    Because I knew Pharaoh dreamed of famine,

    I saved food before the land was barren.

    Who am I?

  4. I was the first mother of mankind;

    The Garden of Eden I left behind.

    I ate the fruit; it was God’s plan

    For the eternal salvation of man.

    Who am I?

Find the answers on page 48.

  • 1) Moses, 2) Noah, 3) Joseph of Egypt, 4) Eve.