Our Creative Friends
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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Sept. 2011, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

What Heavenly Father Created

He created the sun,

He created the stars,

He created the moon,

And each thing that is ours.

He created the creatures

That walk on the earth;

He created good parents

That love us from birth.

He created the mountains,

He created the sea,

And best of all,

He created me!

Solveig H., age 11, Alaska


It’s a day for smiles,

It’s a day for fun.

It’s a day for play,

It’s a day for sun.

You see the kids playing

With beautiful smiles.

You see the kids playing

With little block tiles.

Everyone’s happy;

It’s time for cheer.

Everyone plays with

A little toy deer.

They eat their tasty lunches,

They take a bite of their crunchy cookies.

Everyone takes lookies at these cookies.

Since everyone is happy, no one is sad.

It’s time to go home,

Now everyone is glad.

Victoria H., age 8, California

Jesus and Heavenly Father

Jesus is our Savior,

Heavenly Father is our Father.

They love us;

They protect us;

They give us our friends.

They’re nice.

They made the world for us.

They’re grateful for the things we do that are good.

I really love Them.

Luke H., age 5, Utah

Because I’m Good

I want to be like Jesus,

’Cause Joseph Smith did too.

Since I want to choose the right,

Let’s see how you can do!

I want to be like Heavenly Father,

’Cause He is good and true.

He tells the truth and never lies,

You can be like Him too!

Jadan R., age 9, Utah

Samuel G., age 8, Quebec, Canada

Phoenicia L., age 7, Queensland, Australia

Londyn P., age 11, Texas

Madison B., age 11, Utah

Madeleine S., age 9, Virginia

Kade C., age 11, Utah

Nicholas E., age 11, Arkansas

Nathan S., age 7, Arizona

Kenlee C., age 10, Utah

Mason W., age 6, Idaho

Alex Z., age 9, Iowa

Sophie C., age 10, Kansas

Hannah M., age 11, California

Carson G., age 7, Minnesota