Run, Jump, Play!
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“Run, Jump, Play!” Friend, Sept. 2011, 26

Run, Jump, Play!

Towel Ball

What you need:

  • Towel or pillowcase

  • Ball

How to play:

  1. Spread the towel so it is flat on the ground. Each player should grab two corners.

  2. Place a ball in the center of the towel.

  3. Step away from each other until the towel is tight.

  4. Count to three. When you reach three, quickly pull the towel upward, sending the ball into the air.

  5. Work as a team to catch the ball in the towel.

  6. See how many times you can catch the ball without dropping it. Once you set a record, see if you can beat it.

You also can play against other pairs of children to see who can toss the ball the most times without letting it hit the ground.