Advice from a Friend
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“Advice from a Friend,” Friend, Sept. 2011, 44

Advice from a Friend

Like Jaylee in “Missing Dad,” Hallie R., age 10, Utah, sometimes lives with her mom and sometimes with her dad because her parents are divorced. Sometimes this makes Hallie feel sad, but most of the time she and her sister and brothers laugh and play and feel great. Here are some of Hallie’s ideas about how to be happy.

  1. Talk to your family. When I feel nervous or angry, it helps to talk to my family. My friends have lots of questions about divorce, and sometimes I just say, “I don’t really want to talk about it,” because they don’t always understand. But with my mom, I can share whatever I am feeling.

  2. Trust Heavenly Father and Jesus. I don’t really worry about who will go with whom in heaven. I know that Heavenly Father will take care of our family. Also, I hope someday I’ll be sealed in the temple to a family of my own.

  3. Sing. Singing Primary songs makes me feel good inside. Once in a while, if I feel like I’m starting to get frustrated or angry, I just stop, take a drink of water, and then sing about Jesus. That helps!

  4. Show love. I show love for my family and work hard to be a good sister. And I really love spending time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

  5. Pray. Last year we were at my dad’s for the summer and it was fun, but I was really missing my mom. I said a prayer, and I felt the Holy Ghost comforting me. I felt good inside and I knew that I’d be all right. And I was!