Matt and Mandy
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“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Sept. 2011, 45

Matt and Mandy

Matt and Dad in the kitchen

Illustrations by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

“I’m trying to be like Jesus; I’m following in His ways. …” Dad?


I can’t really be like Jesus, can I? He’s perfect.

It’s true that you’re not perfect—yet. But Heavenly Father has promised that through the Atonement you can be like Jesus someday.

But why try to be like Jesus right now if it’s impossible?

Well, maybe you can’t give sight to the blind, but what can you do for others?

I can love them and help them and be their friend.

Right you are! And though you can’t calm the stormy sea, what can you do for people whose lives are stormy?

I can comfort them and encourage them and be their friend.

Right again. If we do our best to love as Jesus loved and serve as He served, then with His help, we can become a little more like Him each day.

So is it worth the effort of trying to be like Jesus even if we fall short?

Yes! And the shorter I fall, the harder I’ll try.