Missionary Moments

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“Missionary Moments,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 30

Missionary Moments

Amber B., age 6, England

I like to tell my friends at school about Jesus. When I ask my friends if they believe in Jesus, most of them say no. So I ask them to come to church to learn about Him. One time the missionaries asked my family to give out pass-along cards to our friends and neighbors. I took one and ran through the field to my friend’s house. My friend wasn’t home, but I asked his grandma to give him the card and tell him it was about Jesus. Then I ran back home through the field. The field was full of nettles, and I got cuts on my legs. My mum asked me why I went through the field when I knew it was full of stinging nettles. I told her that I wanted my friend to know about Jesus. I like to tell people about our Church. It makes me happy, and I want them to be happy too.