20 Things to Do on Sunday

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“20 Things to Do on Sunday,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 24–25

20 Things to Do on Sunday

  1. With your siblings, act out a story from the scriptures. If you like, use simple props and costumes. Perform the story for your parents or grandparents.

  2. Spend some time with your younger siblings so your parents can rest.

  3. Visit friend.lds.org to do activities and watch video clips.

  4. Ask your parent for some old magazines. Cut out pictures and make a collage of things created during the Creation. You could also draw pictures of each day of the Creation. (See Genesis 1.)

  5. Look at family photo albums or watch home movies.

  6. With a parent, visit an elderly ward member or neighbor. Make a card or drawing for him or her.

  7. Work on memorizing an article of faith for the Faith in God requirement.

  8. Take an “alphabet walk” with your family. Find things outside that start with each letter of the alphabet. If you can’t go outside, stay inside and find the items in your home.

  9. If your ward or branch has a materials center, check out a video, DVD, or filmstrip to watch.

  10. Make your own Bright Idea poster. (See page 27 for an example.)

  11. Write a letter to a missionary or family member.

  12. Work on your family home evening assignment.

  13. Call a grandparent to ask questions about his or her childhood. Write down the answers when you get off the phone so you can help keep a family history.

  14. Plan and perform a family talent show.

  15. Look in the back of the hymnbook or Children’s Songbook to learn how to conduct music. Conduct your family in a few of their favorite hymns or Primary songs.

  16. Write in your journal. If you can’t think of anything to write, write down what the weather was like that day, what your Primary lesson was about, or even what you had for dinner.

  17. Draw a picture of something good that you did or that happened to you the week before.

  18. Make up a story with your siblings or parents. One person starts the story, and each person adds to it. Each person should contribute a few times, and then assign one person to finish the story.

  19. Make a calendar for the upcoming week. Write down after-school activities, lessons, Primary activities, and school assignments that are due. Remember to include some time to relax!

  20. Review what you learned in Primary by inviting family members to be the students while you teach what you learned.

Illustration by Tracy O’Very Covey