Friends in the News

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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 47

Friends in the News

Alana H., 5, California, is learning to play the violin. She likes playing with her cousins and her brother. She enjoys going to school, to the beach, and walking in the redwoods.

Marquessa and Joshua T., 5 and 3, North Dakota, had fun memorizing the Articles of Faith. They learned all 13 by singing the Primary songs.

Thomas J., 6, Utah, likes to do chores, play with friends, and go swimming. His favorite day of the week is Wednesday, and Mother’s Day is one of his favorite holidays. He has a younger brother and sister. He likes music and reading, and he especially likes to read the Friend.

Olivia W., 10, Idaho, likes to play with her friends and her kittens. She is learning the Articles of Faith. She enjoys going to activity days and baking.

Kimball E., 6, Arizona, likes school, sports, and riding his bike. He has a talent for sharing, and he is a good brother to his two sisters.

Tremonton Eighth Ward

The Primary children of the Tremonton Eighth Ward, Tremonton Utah South Stake, had a pioneer activity day. They learned about pioneers, played pioneer games, and even made their own butter.

Peyton K., 8, Utah, likes to read, ride bikes, watch movies with her dad, and play with her cat and dog. She enjoys going to activity days and is working on her Faith in God Award. She tries to listen to the Holy Ghost and do what is right. She has one brother and two sisters.

Alex P., 12, Texas, went rafting one summer in Alaska. His guide gave him the correct clothing and lots of instructions. When he and the others in the raft followed those directions, they were safe. Alex realized that it was a good pattern to follow in life. He knows that listening to the instructions of prophets and the Holy Ghost will help keep him safe.

Alivia P., 9, Alaska, likes to play in the water and ride her bike. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her father is in the air force, and she has lived in South Dakota, Hawaii, and Alaska. She has a cat named Miss Boo.