T. Rex T-Shirt

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“T. Rex T-Shirt,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 20–21

T. Rex T-Shirt

When I am kind to others, my heart sings (Children’s Songbook, 145).

Carter snarled and growled in the backseat of the car. He could see his reflection in the rearview mirror. He looked just like a Tyrannosaurus rex! Carter held up two fingers like claws and turned to his brothers.

“Are you excited to see the dinosaurs?” he growled.

McKay and Stockton raised their fingers like claws and roared, “Yes!”

Carter’s family was going to the museum to see the new T. rex fossil on display. Carter and his brothers were excited to see the skeleton of a real dinosaur. Carter was especially excited because he wanted to get a dinosaur T-shirt from the museum gift shop.

When the family arrived at the museum, Carter, McKay, and Stockton looked at everything, sometimes twice. They pushed buttons that roared different dinosaur roars. They stacked wooden dinosaur eggs into dinosaur nests. But best of all was the T. rex fossil.

The skeleton was huge! The dinosaur’s clawed toes were bigger than Carter’s whole head. Carter couldn’t decide between smiling because he was so happy or snarling like a dinosaur.

On the way out of the museum, Dad took Carter into the gift shop. “I can tell you liked seeing that dinosaur,” he said. “Pick out a T-shirt to share with your brothers to remember the fun we had together today.”

Carter looked through all the shirts carefully. He chose a black one with a T. rex skull baring its teeth, just like the one in the museum.

In the car, Carter was so excited that he put the T-shirt on over his regular shirt right away.

“You picked the best one!” McKay said.

“It’s for all of us to share,” Carter said. He leaned back so McKay could see the T. rex’s teeth better. “But I really want to wear it tomorrow so I can show my friends at school.”

“Sure you can,” McKay said. “I know how much you wanted a T. rex shirt.”

Carter settled back in his seat and thought about all the things he could tell his friends about the museum. He thought about how much he and his brothers had liked the dinosaur. Then he thought that McKay would probably want to wear the shirt to school too so he could tell his friends about the great day they had.

Carter decided he would love to see McKay happy, so as soon as they got home he took off the shirt and handed it to McKay. “You wear it to school tomorrow, McKay!” he said.

“Really?” McKay asked.

“I know you like T. rex too. I can wear it the next day.”

“Wow, thanks!” McKay hugged Carter and bounded out of the room to try on the shirt.

Carter felt warm and happy knowing he had made McKay so happy.

“I was happy at the museum, and I was happy wearing the T. rex T-shirt,” Carter thought. “But now I’m the happiest of all!”

Illustration by Mark Robison

When you share with someone younger, you really stand tall in their eyes.

Wow, Matt. You’re huge!