Our Creative Friends

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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

My Church Day Poem

During church I’m never bored,

Whilst I’m thinking of the Lord.

I love to sing a lot of hymns;

They never are very dim.

When we take the sacrament,

The feelings are magnificent.

Valiant class is very fun,

Especially when the work is done.

Young Men is always packed,

It’s challenging sometimes—that’s a fact.

When we leave church with our spirits full,

The rest of the day isn’t dull.

Matthew T., age 12, England


Will there be puffy clouds,

Or pedestals of blue?

Will angels have robes of white,

Or will they be every hue?

Will there be halos on our heads,

Or just plain heads of hair?

These questions will not be answered

For quite some time, I bet,

But one thing that is for sure:

Heaven is so beautiful, it will surely make you stare.

Jessop O., age 10, California

Family Home Evening

When family home evening begins,

we all sit in our chairs.

First we sing the songs, and then

we say the prayer.

The lesson starts and I can feel

God’s love for everyone.

But I can’t wait until the game,

’cause that’s when we have fun!

Madeline B., age 8, Pennsylvania

Samuel B., age 10, Virginia

Josephine W., age 10, Ohio

Lyndsey H., age 11, Utah

Sarah M., age 9, Texas

Abigail E., age 8, Vermont

Hallie G., age 8, Kentucky

Brody O., age 11, Idaho

Zachary O., age 5, Florida

Datherine C., age 6, Philippines

Amber B., age 11, South Carolina

Lily G., age 7, Utah

Erika W., age 7, Wyoming

Cassidy B., age 10, North Dakota

Christopher H., age 9, Tennessee