Super-Fast Service

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“Super-Fast Service,” Friend, Nov. 2010, 32–33

Super-Fast Service

Live in thanksgiving daily (Alma 34:38).

1. Truman was racing around the dining room table when he saw Mom place an empty box on the kitchen counter and start to fill it with food.

What are you doing, Mom?

Thanksgiving is coming. I thought we could do service for another family by giving them food for a Thanksgiving dinner. Do you want to help?


2. Truman ran to the pantry and found a box of stuffing mix.

Do you think they would want this?

Yes, I think they would be thankful for it. Go ahead and put it in.

3. Truman raced to the box and put the stuffing mix inside. Then he ran back to the pantry.

I’m going to be your super-fast helper, Mom.

That sounds great. Can you find some corn?

4. Truman quickly looked through the pantry and grabbed two cans of corn. He rushed back to the box and placed them inside. He was having fun helping as fast as he could. He put a lot of food in the box. Later, he even helped put a frozen turkey inside.

5. Now what are we going to do?

When it gets dark, Dad will take you to deliver the box.

Can we do it super fast?

Yes. Super fast.

6. When it got dark, Dad, Truman, and his older brother, Ethan, carried the box to the car. They drove for a couple of minutes until Dad parked down the street from the family’s house.

OK, guys. We’re going to put the box on the doorstep, knock on the door, and run.

Truman was excited about the running part.

7. Dad carried the box as Truman and Ethan walked quietly behind him. When Dad put the box down on the doorstep and knocked on the door, all three of them ran back to the car as fast as they could. Truman ran faster than ever.

8. As they drove away, Truman looked out the back window. He saw someone open the door, look around, and smile. He felt good about helping a family have a Thanksgiving dinner.

Do you think anybody saw us?

No way, Dad! We were super fast!

Illustrations by Elise Black