Why Are Mom and Dad Going to the Temple?
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“Why Are Mom and Dad Going to the Temple?” Friend, August 2009, 10–11

Why Are Mom and Dad Going to the Temple?

The temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty (Children’s Songbook, 95).

“Let’s go to a movie!”

“No, let’s go to the park.”

Four-year-old Noah was sitting on the floor pretending that his two cars were talking to each other when Mom peeked into his bedroom. “Noah, when Dad gets home, he and I are going to the temple.”

Noah smiled up at her. “OK. Maybe my cars will go to the temple too.”

“Good idea!” Mom said. “If you need anything while we’re gone, ask one of your big brothers. OK?”

“All right, Mom.” Mom smiled and left. Noah sat thinking for a moment. He knew that Mom and Dad had been married in the temple so their family could be together forever. But there was something he didn’t understand.

He got up and went to find Mom. He found her lying on her bed, reading a book. “Mom, you and Dad already got married in the temple. So why do you keep going back?”

Mom patted the bed, and Noah climbed up beside her. “In the temple we make special promises to Heavenly Father,” Mom said. “He promises us wonderful blessings He can only give us in the temple. But a lot of people lived and died without a chance to go to the temple. Some of them never even knew about Jesus Christ. We go to the temple to do temple work for those people so they can have the same blessings our family has.”

“You mean so they can be a family forever too?”

“Right,” Mom said.

Noah yawned. “You look tired, Noah. Do you want to rest here for a while?” Mom asked. Noah snuggled close to her and closed his eyes. He thought of a beautiful temple and imagined himself as a grown-up going inside.

When Noah woke up, Mom was gone. He stretched and smiled. “Mom and Dad must have already gone to the temple,” he thought. He slid off the bed and ran to find his brothers.

They were in the living room watching a movie. “Hi, guys!” Noah called, running in to join them.

While Mom and Dad were gone, Noah had a safe, warm feeling inside. His brothers were even extra nice to him.

When Dad and Mom walked in the front door, Noah ran to meet them. Mom picked him up and hugged him. Dad put his big arms around both of them and gave them a giant squeeze.

Mom smiled at Noah. “Remember how Dad and I got married in the temple, Noah? Well, tonight we got married for some people who couldn’t get married in the temple when they were alive. Now those moms and dads can be with their families forever if they choose the right. While I was at the temple, I felt very happy that if I do what Heavenly Father and Jesus ask me to, I can be your mom forever!”

Noah smiled. Going to the temple didn’t just help people who were dead. It made his own family happy too!

Illustrations by Brad Teare