Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, August 2009, 49

Guide to the Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

  1. Read President Monson’s story about how his daughter, Ann M. Dibb, reaches out to others (pp. 2–3). Put an envelope in a certain place in your home. For the next month, ask family members to leave a small note or drawing in the envelope when they see another family member reaching out to others with kindness, by being an example, or by sharing the gospel. At the end of the month, read the notes out loud and talk about how it feels to reach out to others.

  2. Read “Why Are Mom and Dad Going to the Temple?” (pp. 10–11). Explain that the temples can link us to our families forever, and to prepare for the temple we need to keep the commandments. Ask one family member to hold a picture or other reminder of the temple. Sing one or two songs about the temple from the Children’s Songbook.

  3. Read about Nicole’s love for her country (pp. 20–22). Ask family members to gather items from around your yard or house that match the colors of your country’s flag. Arrange the items to make a model of the flag. Think of ways you can show love for your country, and consider doing one of them during the week.

  4. Read the Word of Wisdom in Doctrine and Covenants 89. Ask each family member to draw pictures of what we are told to do, and the blessings that are promised if we obey the Word of Wisdom. Play “Big Wolf” (p. 23) or another game together. If the weather is not ideal for outdoor play, you could exercise together while singing “Do As I’m Doing” (Children’s Songbook, 276). Have family members take turns leading the exercise.

  5. Read “Jason’s Escape” (pp. 26–28). Check the smoke detectors in your home and make or review your family’s fire emergency plan. Read “Are You Media Smart?” (p. 28). Review your family’s rules for TV, Internet, and video game use. Talk about how just as we prepare ourselves for physical dangers, we prepare ourselves spiritually by living the commandments and following the guidance of the Holy Ghost.