Missionary Postcards
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“Missionary Postcards,” Friend, August 2009, 45


Missionary Postcards

There are more than 50,000 missionaries serving throughout the world. Read the words written by the missionaries on the backs of the postcards below and draw a line to match their words to the pictures described.

Missionary Postcards match

Paris, France

New York, USA

London, England

Sydney, Australia


Things are going pretty well here. The food is good—especially the pastries. A few years ago, President Gordon B. Hinckley told the Saints he was confident that someday a temple would be built here. Yesterday my companion and I talked to people near one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Maybe one day we will go to the top, but I think we’ll take the elevator.


Boy, I sure am tired! But I also am so happy. The people here are great. The members are being great missionaries and are helping us find people to teach. I think having a temple here for the past 25 years has helped members a lot. My companion, Sister Larsen, and I can see an awesome building from our apartment. I think they sing opera there. Maybe someday they’ll sing hymns there too.


This has been a rainy week. We have had our ups and downs, but every night we go to bed grateful that we have this opportunity to teach people about Jesus. There are so many people here that need the gospel. It doesn’t matter if a person lives in a little apartment or in a big palace like the one we see every day, I know the gospel can help everybody.

Hey, everyone,

Well, I only have three weeks left on my mission. Time goes so fast. I love being here and teaching all the different people about Jesus Christ. This city has people from so many different nations. It’s wonderful to think that we are all Heavenly Father’s children. Many people have come here to see the big symbol of freedom across the river, but people who have accepted the gospel get an even better appreciation for the freedom our Heavenly Father gives us.

Eiffel Tower © Getty Images, Statue of Liberty © Photospin, Buckingham Palace © Corbis, Sydney Opera House © Photospin