Exercise Is Fun
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“Exercise Is Fun,” Friend, August 2009, 23


Exercise Is Fun

These children are having fun playing outdoors. See if you can find a baseball bat, butterfly, comb, crayon, duck’s head, feather, frog, hairbrush, pencil, shark, woman’s shoe, and wristwatch. Then color the picture.

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Get Outdoors!

If we follow the Word of Wisdom, we are told we “shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint” (D&C 89:20). The Word of Wisdom helps our bodies be healthy and strong. This is good, because you are going to need your energy for playing this game.

To play “Big Wolf” one player must be the wolf. All other players are eggs. The players who are eggs line up next to one another and each chooses a color. (Whisper to each other to make sure you all choose different colors.) The wolf should stand several feet in front of the eggs, facing them. The game begins when the wolf asks if there is an egg of a certain color. If there isn’t, nobody moves and the wolf guesses another color. When the wolf says a color that is also an egg’s color, that egg runs around a certain area (a house, a tree, a yard, etc.). The wolf chases the egg. If the wolf tags the egg before it is able to make it back to its spot in line, then the wolf becomes an egg and the egg becomes the wolf.