Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, August 2009, 30–31

    Our Creative Friends


    I like to play

    Almost every day.

    I like the swings—

    At last I have wings!

    High monkey bars

    Take me to Mars.

    The slippery slide—

    Down it I fastly glide.

    On the seesaw I go so high—

    I can finally fly!

    The rock wall—

    I slip and I fall.

    The circle twister—

    Oops, there goes my sister.

    The hanging bar—

    I’m a star!

    Waveney B., age 8, Kentucky


    Zebras with their many stripes,

    Cheetahs and leopards with spots alike,

    Penguins permanently stuck in tuxes,

    Frogs with their different shades of green—

    Heavenly Father gave these colors.

    A birdy’s tweet, a lion’s roar;

    Let me name a couple more.

    Dogs bark, cats meow.

    Once in a while they all say, “Ow.”

    An owl’s hoot, a horse’s neigh—

    Heavenly Father gave them these today.

    Miriam D., age 10, Pennsylvania


    Enduring prayer through morning to night,

    Never stopping all day long.

    Only after he had prayed for one day and night did he go back to his home.

    Saying he was sorry, he asked for forgiveness in his prayer.

    Jacob A., age 10, Utah

    My Uncle

    His fingers may have been rough,

    But his soul was soft as snow.

    He was like a cuddly pillow,

    Like you would never know.

    He helped us through our struggles;

    He helped us through our strife.

    And through our faith and prayers,

    He’ll know we’ll love him all our lives.

    Bryce J., age 9, Idaho

    Garrett F., age 6, Utah

    Melanie G., age 5, Arkansas

    Hanna S., age 10, California

    Bernice C., age 11, South Africa

    Meeka B., age 9, Arizona

    Alex K., age 8, Oregon

    Joshua W., age 4, Utah

    Caitlin B., age 7, Washington

    Samantha A., age 11, Utah

    Nathan S., age 8, Ohio

    Rigdon W., age 10, Arizona

    Berkeley H., age 7, California

    Sadie M., age 10, Hawaii

    Hannah M., age 7, Alberta, Canada