Say What?

    “Say What?” Friend, June 2009, 24


    Say What?

    These words may not seem to make sense. But if you say them out loud you will hear some familiar phrases. Write the actual phrases below the nonsense words. The first one is done for you.

    1. Pie on ear chill drain

      Pioneer children

    2. Sawed legs it he you tall

    3. Are tickles off ace

    4. Me shun hairy

    5. Chew see riot

    6. Sir chip on door end purr ray

    7. Loaf won an oath air

    8. Fall oath he pro fit

    9. Paw pick horn paw pink

    10. Chair ink tie I’m

    11. Bee shipwreck

    12. Prime air eat each her

    13. Broth hers send see stirs

    14. Primer he yak tiff it he


    • 2) Salt Lake City, Utah, 3) Articles of Faith, 4) missionary, 5) choose the right, 6) search, ponder, and pray, 7) love one another, 8) follow the prophet, 9) popcorn popping, 10) sharing time, 11) bishopric, 12) Primary teacher, 13) brothers and sisters, 14) Primary activity.

    Illustration by Brad Teare