Getting to Know Dad (or Mom)
June 2009

“Getting to Know Dad (or Mom)” Friend, June 2009, 7


Getting to Know Dad (or Mom)

How much do you know about your dad when he was growing up? Guess how your dad might answer the questions below. Then, ask him the questions and see how many you guessed right. You can also use these questions to find out about your mother or a grandparent.

  1. Did your dad have a pet? What was the pet’s name?

  2. What was your dad’s favorite subject in school?

  3. What was his favorite hobby?

  4. Who was his best friend?

  5. What were his favorite foods?

  6. Did he get an allowance? How much?

  7. Who was his hero?

  8. Did he have a favorite toy? What was it?

  9. How was your dad like you when he was your age?

  10. How was he different?

  11. What do you have that hadn’t been invented yet when he was your age?

Illustrations by Brad Teare

I bet Dad was creative and thoughtful like you!

And smart and kind like you!