How Many People Can We Help?
June 2009

“How Many People Can We Help?” Friend, June 2009, 2–3

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

How Many People Can We Help?

From an address given to the Coalition for Utah’s Future, Common Good Awards Luncheon, Oct. 25, 2000.

President Thomas S. Monson

President Monson says that many people in the world need help. He says Heavenly Father wants us to notice them and see how many we can help.

When we have eyes that see and ears that hear and hearts that know and feel, we will recognize needs of our fellow beings who cry out for help.

How do they eat—without food? How do they keep warm—without clothing? without shelter? How do they live—without means? How do they get well—without doctors, medicines, and hospitals?

I believe that when we face our Maker, we will be asked, “How many people did you help?”

Match each person who needs help with some things that person might need.

How Many People Can We Help?

People Who Need Help

Things People Need

Illustrations by Adam Koford; photograph of President Monson by Craig Dimond