My Scripture Heroes
June 2009

“My Scripture Heroes,” Friend, June 2009, 40–41

My Scripture Heroes

Sometimes when I read my scriptures, I wish I could have lived long ago. People back then had amazing adventures! As I live the gospel, maybe I’ll have my own adventures!

If I had lived in Noah’s time, I could have helped take care of the animals on the ark.

Or maybe I would have crossed the Red Sea on dry ground with Moses and the Israelites.

I would have cheered to see Daniel coming safely out of the lions’ den.

If I had been in Lehi’s family, I could have helped Nephi build the boat so that we could sail to the promised land.

If I had been a Nephite, I could have helped Captain Moroni wave the title of liberty.

If I had lived in Jesus’s time, I could have stood near Him to hear His teachings.

Illustrations by Lance Fry