Our Creative Friends
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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, June 2009, 46–47

Our Creative Friends

Apple Tree

Buds are on the trees.

Pretty trees are in a row.

Apples are growing.

Dianna W., age 9, Pennsylvania

The Prophet

The prophet is good.

The prophet is great.

I’ll follow the prophet,

And soon I’ll be eight!

Harrison S., age 8, Utah

Eternal Joy

Far away the angels sing,

Praising our gracious heav’nly King,

Who commands prophets, creates life,

Comforts children in their strife.

He presents the plan of happiness

And creates the earth, you see.

He can help us with our journey

When we pray reverently.

Praying, studying, reading scriptures

Can help us find our way,

Can bring to us eternal joy

Each and every day.

Michael N., age 10, Arizona


Somewhere over the rainbow

My home is near here.

Can I ever get back to the rainbow today?

Somewhere over the rainbow

There are all kinds of things.

My home is near here.

Somewhere over the rainbow

There is a palace far away from here.

Somewhere over the world

There is a knight and a moat.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Is my home.

Emma Lynne H., age 6, Maryland


The serene sky is the most profound azure,

A peaceful nothingness.

At the sunset,

The bright burst of colors,

Streaming from the brilliant sun.

At night,

A blackboard dotted with stars,

Glowing in the blackness.

Endless space,

The darkness that goes on


And ever

And ever

And ever …

Megan R., age 10, New Mexico

1. Dominick S., age 9, Washington

2. Caden J., age 6, Nevada

3. Thomas C., age 7, Alberta, Canada

4. Bryce H., age 9, Kentucky

5. Audrey M., age 6, North Carolina

6. Karson B., age 8, Idaho

7. Jared R., age 11, Oregon

8. Madeline A., age 11, Colorado

9. Faith G., age 8, Texas

10. Emma E., age 5, Ohio

11. Beam P., age 8, Hawaii

12. Hailey W., age 5, Utah

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