The Right Way Home

    “The Right Way Home,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 13

    The Right Way Home

    When I’ve been playing with my friend

    My mother calls to say,

    “Please walk home very carefully;

    I’ll wait for you today.”

    She taught me how to cross the street,

    And how to listen well.

    She watches through the window glass;

    She loves me, I can tell.

    I also know that Jesus waits

    For me to come back “home.

    He put me in my family

    So I won’t be alone.

    I’m learning truths my parents teach;

    I’m trying to obey.

    Then when I need to make a choice,

    I’ll choose the righteous way.

    If I will follow on this path

    That Jesus set for me,

    Someday I’ll be back “home” again;

    Then His face I will see.

    I’ll thank Him most for giving me

    My fam’ly kind and dear.

    I’m glad He shows His love for me

    And that He’s always near.

    Illustration by Manelle Oliphant