Guide to the Friend

    “Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 49

    Guide to the Friend

    The Guide to the Friend can help you find stories or articles for preparing lessons or talks for church or for family home evening. The Primary theme for March is “My faith in Jesus Christ grows when I follow His example and keep His commandments.”

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    Look for the FHE symbol on the [original magazine] pages mentioned below.

    1. Have you ever felt angry? Why? Read President Gordon B. Hinckley’s message “Be More Forgiving” (pp. 2–3). Victoria Ruvolo had a reason to feel angry, but she chose to be forgiving instead. Discuss “Things to Think About” (p. 3). Decide how to respond the next time you are tempted to be angry.

    2. Read “Cannon’s Commitment” (pp. 10–12). What are some commitments other people may expect you to keep? Write on slips of paper commitments you have made to Heavenly Father. It is good to be reliable and keep all our commitments whenever we can, but we must keep promises to Heavenly Father first. Draw a diagram of a baseball diamond on a piece of paper. Give each family member a game piece, such as a button. Let each person draw from the stack of papers and discuss how they will overcome obstacles to keep that commitment. Then move the game piece to first base. The next player repeats the process, and the first player moves to second base. Play until all family members have reached “home plate.” Point out that keeping our covenants will guide us home to Heavenly Father someday.

    3. Look at the poster “Let Learning Lift You” (pp. 24–25). Has learning made you happier or introduced you to something new that you enjoy? Draw a picture of a kite with ribbons along the string. Write on the kite one of your future goals. Write on the ribbons smaller goals that can help you reach your big goal. Like the children on the poster or a kite on the wind, imagine yourself soaring toward your goals!

    4. For this family home evening, let family members choose the song, activity, and treat—but each person must pick another family member’s favorite, giving a small sacrifice to brighten someone else’s day. For the lesson, read “In Step” (pp. 28–29). Discuss how making sacrifices can help us feel more love and unity.

    5. Plan a tropical party for your family. Cooperate to make the Kitchen Kraft recipes (p. 43). Tell everyone to come wearing summer vacation clothes. As you eat, talk about your favorite family memories. After dinner, draw postcards from a tropical destination and write notes to each other saying why you love spending time together.