When I Begin to Pray

    “When I Begin to Pray,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 34–35

    When I Begin to Pray

    I will fold my arms

    And sit so quietly.

    My feet behave and I am still.

    I listen reverently.

    I will bow my head

    And close my eyes this way.

    My spirit needs this quiet mood

    When I begin to pray.

    Instructions: Glue pages 34–35 to heavy paper. Cut out the verse and set it aside. Cut out the paper doll parts. Poke small holes in the places marked with Xs and then join the body parts together with brass fasteners. Cut out eyeholes in the head. Center the separate eye piece behind the head so the eyes show through the holes. Tape around the edges, leaving the top open (see illustration). Insert the paper with the tab at the top in the opening in front of the eye piece. Lift the paper up and down to open and close the eyes.

    Hold the paper doll in front of you as you recite the verse. Move the paper doll to show the actions as you say them. You could use the verse and the paper doll as a talk, a lesson, or to help your family get ready for prayer.

    Paper cutouts

    Illustrated by Pat Hoggan