Extra Pound

    “Extra Pound,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 47

    Extra Pound

    One Sunday morning before church I was playing our piano. I decided to open the piano top to watch the hammers move. When I lifted the top, a large glass vase full of flowers fell off the piano and crashed to the floor. My mom came running to find out what had made such a loud noise. She was unhappy when she saw that her new vase had been broken. She asked me if I had done it. At first I said “No,” but then I said “Yes,” because I knew it was the right thing to do. I asked my mum how much the vase cost, and she told me two pounds. But she said that I only needed to give her one pound to help buy a new one. I went upstairs to my room and got the money out of my piggy bank. I gave her a one-pound coin and then surprised her by hiding another one for her to find. I felt good when I told the truth and paid for the new vase. It made Mum happy too. I want to be like Jesus every day and give more than people ask of me.

    Sammy W., age 6, England

    Photograph by Mark Robison