Funstuf: Growing Faith

    “Funstuf: Growing Faith,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 7

    Growing Faith

    Faith grows as we nurture it, like a little seed. Help this plant grow by filling in the clues and coloring the leaves. The answers are things we can do to grow in faith. After you are finished, read the word found in the green circles to see what else the Lord will bless us with when we follow His commandments. See below for answers.

    1. We should keep one in our hearts at all times. When we do this, we are speaking to Heavenly Father.

    2. We are commanded to feel this toward everyone. We can show it by serving others.

    3. At baptism and in the temple, we make these promises.

    4. We go to this place on Sunday to take the sacrament, worship Heavenly Father, and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    5. If we make a mistake, we can do this to get the Spirit back.

    Growing vine

    Illustration by Mark Robison


    • 1) prayer, 2) love, 3) covenants, 4) church, 5) repent; peace.