Honest Morgan

    “Honest Morgan,” Friend, Mar. 2007, 27

    Honest Morgan

    (Based on a true story)

    Do that which is honest (2 Corinthians 13:7).

    One day Morgan pushed a toy truck across the kitchen table. Morgan’s baby brother, Jacksen, sat in his chair and watched. Morgan pushed his truck too hard, and it crashed into a glass of orange juice.

    “Mom! Mom!” Morgan cried. “Jacksen knocked the orange juice over!”

    Mom soaked up the orange juice with a towel. “Morgan,” she said, “today is your day to be honest.”

    “What’s honest?” Morgan asked.

    “Honest is when the person who knocked over the orange juice tells me what he did. He does not tell me that someone else did it.”

    “OK, I knocked over the orange juice,” Morgan said. “Now am I honest?”

    “Yes,” Mom said. “You are honest, Morgan. I am proud of you.”

    Illustration by Dan Burr