Special Day

“Special Day,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 43

Special Day

Do you know what my favorite day is? Saturday! You get to relax. You can do whatever you want. (Well, but you do have to clean your room.) But if you think about it, Sunday is a special day, too. You get to go to church. You also get to relax. Well, you’re not supposed to buy things, and you’re supposed to keep the Sabbath Day holy, but you shouldn’t need to work.

When I was about five years old, one of my best friends invited me to his birthday party. I was so excited! But when I got home and gave Mom the invitation, she told me that it was on a Sunday. She didn’t say that I couldn’t go, but she didn’t say that I could. She said that I should pray about it.

So I prayed about it. About five days before the party, I thought, “What would I do if Jesus were here—go or don’t go to the party? I don’t think I would go if He were here.”

So I called my friend and said, “I can’t come to the party because it’s on a Sunday.” He said, “That’s fine.” I felt disappointed, but I knew that it was the right thing to do.

Chelsea Bohonis-Schiemann, age 9, is a member of Vancouver First Ward, Vancouver British Columbia Stake.