Talents Game

“Talents Game,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 32

Talents Game

Everyone has talents. Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy our talents and the talents of others. He also wants us to use our talents to help people. Glue this page to heavy paper and then cut out the cards and stack them facedown. Feel free to make talent cards of your own and add them to the game.

Each time you play the game, someone is chosen to be “It.” It pretends to be a person with a problem and tells the players about it. Each player in turn draws a card from the top of the pile, names the talent, and tells how that talent could be used to help It. Other players may then add their own thoughts. After each card, It tells how much (or how little) he or she has been helped. When all the cards have been used, if It feels “much better,” everyone wins. If It doesn’t feel much better, you still don’t lose, because you tried. Note: Some cards may suggest different talents to different players.


Illustrated by Brad Teare