Being Honest

“Being Honest,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 43

Being Honest

One day after school, when we were waiting for the school bus, a friend who was in another class gave me an expensive video game. My parents wondered if my friend’s parents knew that he had given it to me. We agreed that if his parents wrote a note that it was OK, I could keep it.

I didn’t know my friend’s last name, so the next day, I took the game to my teacher and explained about it. My teacher took the game to my friend’s teacher, who called his parents. My friend’s parents didn’t want him to give away the game, so he took it home. Both teachers were impressed with how honest I was, and my teacher even e-mailed my mom about it. I was glad that I did the right thing.

Eric Steven Eckersley, age 7, is a member of Spring Branch, Katy Texas Stake.