Red Wagon

“Red Wagon,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 42

Red Wagon

One spring day, we were playing in our front yard. A very old, rusty, and dented van pulled up and parked on our street. A tiny old lady got out. She didn’t seem very strong. She opened the back of her van and gathered in her arms many heavy, new, yellow-page phone books. She began to deliver them to the houses on our street.

We watched as she delivered the few she could carry and then went back to her van to get more. It took her quite a while to do just a few. They looked heavy!

Mom thought we could let her use our red wagon to put the books in. She could pull it around our neighborhood. The four of us went over to talk to her. She said that the wagon would be helpful because the books get heavy, especially when she delivered them in office buildings.

We ended up giving her our red wagon to keep. Even though we liked playing with it, we knew that she needed it more than we did.

Several days later, as we were driving to school, we saw our tiny friend with the wagon, delivering more books. We felt really good knowing that we were trying to be like Jesus!

Ryan, Tyler, and Nicole Best, ages 5, 9, and 7, are members of Hermosa Vista Ward, Mesa Arizona Citrus Heights Stake.

Illustrated by Dan Burr